` loqui

I throw a ball
to my future self
who still
cannot catch
to save his life.

I heard the mountains
talk shit about me
in their sleep, or my sleep,
some murderous dream,
in the shaking of ground, of sheets.

Meanwhile I was a city-wide smile,
bright lights for teeth, bright eyes,
wet tongue for drinking skin,
carried by the crawling
of a nocturnal colony,
all the way in
to the mouth
of the night.


stains all down me.
creases, frays
and rips,
but still clothed.


compost on asphalt

compost on asphalt 

i’m trying to make page notes 
with a pencil onto pixels. 

today there’s pink tissue 
sprinkled over the avenue 
as if the tears 
of some wedding’s confetti 
will penetrate the tessellation 
of stone. 

round trees in square holes. 
blue skies peering between the roofs
of houses where no-one talks 
face to face. 

Red dress

The earth pulled away 
and with it left  
the moment 
when I mattered. 


Forgetting your tumblr password because you have not logged out in years.

Feeling weird seeing your real name because everyone refers to you by your URL.  

Only when I get this far
from the island of you
do I find the tether.


if the numbers match
if they click or not
if they pick up
or if we’re quick enough
but what
if we’re still here
when we cross the street
if we see the other side
if this next one doesn’t kill us
if this one is the one that works
if these legs, this heart,
and these lungs all work,
if this promise is a keeper
if the shock isn’t anaphylactic
if the loss doesn’t score so deeply
if we drift off into the sunset
it was the way it was to be.

gambolling to see the humans