Poetry Riot Prompt (Week Nineteen)


The prompt for the week is:

change is a sharp blade

Post your work to your blog and tag it with poetryriotprompt. Please reference the prompt itself (by tag or in the poem). If I can’t tell that it’s prompt related, it won’t make it in the weekly recap. Also are you using the poetryriot tag on non-prompt related poems? You should be! Good luck and have fun!



This isn’t a letter. It’s a spaceship. It’s an invitation. 

Come find me.

This is the physical residue of a physic transmission, from me to you. My head is speaking to your head. My essence is rubbing up against your raw and gorgeously sublime state of existence. 

This is how you assemble your extraterrestrial craft. This is how you can leave the ground and join the sky. 

Wander out amongst the stars.

Travel the universe in an instance. Bend time and space around your finger like needy little lovers.

This how you can do it. This is how you can track me down. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the sound of my heartbeat replacing your own, just for a few moments. 

We’re in a sort of synch. Like love. 

This note will self-destruct after it has served its purpose. 

But you’ll still be able to read it.

'Cause you're special. 

And that’s why we’re here together now. 

You and me.


And everything else. 

Yours always,