I dreamed of you last night and it was wrong. Throwing all the easiness, the teasing and the carefree away… I went down on you in a hotel room. We’d stayed up drinking and laughing and taking the piss out of some trashy film and turned it off and dared each other to do stupid things and suddenly your legs fell open in front of me like the pages of a book, settling down your giggles into long sighs, releasing the crazy of the night into cotton white sheets.

We both sunk into slumber there, some time after 3am. Long before the traffic murmur rattling the window in its frame. The vacuum cleaner in the hallway reminding me I was somewhere I shouldn’t be. Somewhere far from the bird chatter and the easing pale blue of morning in my own room. The taste of friendship lingers. That much I knew already. But now in a very different way to before.