it reminds me of art school and all the reasons i turned it down.

you, boy!
look at the greats!
look how great they are!
i mean were.
i mean - hang on.

i can look at them later.
as i go. as i explore.
i shrug shoulders.
when i need them the most.

life’s worth more
than sticking out
books that don’t talk.

your 20-20 is decaying
and i think it’s cuz you let it, sir.


i’m sure there are.
and i am growing.
eating eating
eating eating eating.

i’m a growing lad  - hungry for it!
but now, you’re telling me
my hunger
is wrong?

i feel sorry for them now
i feel proud of them now
having found them in my own time
having emptied the scales of distraction.
thrown classic badges at mirrors
i watch for the ones that get back up.

but now we have baby on board signs
and crowds full of credit cards.

and terracotta armies
- hello?
i wander between them. nudge ‘em a little.
- hello?
dominoes run
through my mind.

or a bulldoze and gone
but who has a bulldozer?
not a poet.
even a maelstrom has direction
but this is chaos.

kids in the corners
running their own crèche
another cult of anti –
anti anti anti
stamp foot
stamp foot
stamp foot.

it’s a church of atheism.
we believe in the wrong.
are you wrong?
i think you’re wrong.
are we wrong?

(who, really, is asking?

- who do you see?)

it’s leo flying the world to save the environment.

i’m no better
no worse
i shrug shoulders.

but it’s a shame
when you pave right over my back.

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