Sample rate

Gran remarks
haven’t you grown
since the last time?
knee-high to a grasshopper you were
got yourself a job yet then?
and young lover you hope
to get out of here soon
to hop trains and stay late
in the cave of her mouth
on the pillow of her breast
and sleep safe away from all this

young lover make hay
at high speed
the beat match of a DJ
is all digital these days anyway
data efficiency down to the zeroes
they can tell if it’s
or a girl
but not whose heart will break first

down to the zeroes
they’ve got it
it’s off
or it’s on
snapped to the grid
flicks of switches
quartz timed

not a stutter for a strobe of indecision
in case of fuse blown
in case of fucking that itch
that headache
that homework away

Gran remarks
haven’t you grown
since the last time?
still playing yer guitar?
still with whatshername?
and now even dating
is data entry
is masturbating
filling computers
with zeroes or ones
with sperm or surrounding fluid
baby to embryonic
remainder: none

Gran remarks
haven’t you grown?
still playing yer guitar?
still with whatshername?
what’s with this beard then?
and you look to the rain
at the window where the water
is either on
or off
dreaming of the in between
and throw a diversion of furniture

and Gran remarks well
we’ll be dead soon I suppose
and no Gran no
don’t say those things, please?
and old man you are looking
to the back of the sun
as the music fades away
fades away.

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