[line break fun] a poem by cordeliagablewrites

I went to the store
to get an orange
but the oranges
were no good.  

So I picked up
some plums, instead.  
They smelled a little
like the girl who sat
next to me in trig class
—not ready yet.  

Conditioned is only
the cherry sucker
I roll around
in my mouth
until my tongue is tagged
with the clusterfucks
of downtown suppers
and tea time at the Peninsula

the crinoline of bright horizons
lined thick with furious hand gestures
that say nothing, because we were all
too busy watching a golden phalanx
of taxies carry our measured breaths
past Rush, past Madison, past the red arc
that never quite grasped the cadence
of Daley’s sorrow, until too late.  


original poem by cordeliagablewrites as per her line break exercise

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