If the four dimensional fabric of space and time was to “rip apart” what would it look like?

Prompted by this post

Toast crumbs and clock springs
sprung from mouths of hasty
and thirsty explorers

all the exes and all the ohs
sung to the stars
but lost between the sheets

the stumped out ends of rainbows
limb-short and ash-squished
grey flaking idealism
off an old man’s scalp

unicorn horns and old porn mags
that last bit of weed
lost in the undergrowth
of teenage bedroom malarkey

on that note probably odd socks
guitar picks and pens when you need them
loose change and lust-pulled buttons
capsized between sofa cushions

a green room full of actors
going through line after line
dressed as characters
from your day-lit life

while the newbies wait
on the understudy bench
for a bit part in your dreams

a Dodo trying on clothes
of dinosaurs and politicians
hand up the backside
and lights camera achtung!

but nobody here has heard before now
above the floorboards, carpets,
rugs and rubber souls
of earthlings keeping fire as pets